Spanish company AlldayInternet has shipped a total of 6000 wireless routers to Mexico, to be distributed among clients of the new Santander Bank & AeroMéxico credit card as part of its welcome kit. One of the main advantages of the router is having 24-hour Internet access availability on 43 countries without roaming. This device is small enough to be easily carried around, and has AlldayInterent itself as its main developer. The bank expects to deliver 150,000 cards during the next few months.

Travellers enjoying the wireless router, also known as mifi, will be able to stay connected anywhere (internet on the go…..on the beach, at restaurants, etc.) without concern for failures on their hotel’s WiFi and avoiding the use of their own data service and the payment of high roaming charges.


Operation is similar to that of a conventional router. It just requires to be turned on, searching for the wireless signal and entering the password in order to start navigating. It allows for the connection of up to eight devices (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, etc.). Its small size makes it easy to carry on a handbag or backpack.

It is undoubtedly an essential gadget for those travelling abroad. GPS, Social Networking, tourist information, getting in touch with family and a myriad of other functions literally at the palm of your hand.

AlldayInternet has carried out a complex process of technological and financial restructuring for the creation of the new devices that are to be distributed among the clients of the Santander Bank card mentioned above. In collaboration with the financial organization which was facilitated by the Cerrando Círculos Mexican company, while manufacturing of the device was made in collaboration with Telefónica and Cantabrian company Global Wolder Group.

Technical support for the routers will be handled by AlldayInternet through a platform specially developed by their IT department.

AlldayInternet was established in 2013 with the goal of providing connectivity services for travellers. Three years later, it is positioned as the third most important company in the industry worldwide, multiplying its sales threefold on each quarter and currently having an 8000-client customer base. It is currently on a full-fledged quest to find investors to cover a 2.000.000€ amount for its international expansion.



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