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What is AlldayInternet Affiliate Program?

AlldayInternet offer no Roaming internet service for travellers in 35 countries, and with an affiliate program the possibility to other companies and web business to distribute,through the web, their product paying off a 10% commission on the total amount of reservation, excluding VAT.

They are in charge of logistics and technical service. You just have to promote our service and include our sales search engine or banner in your web, blog, social networks, etc.

Who could join our affiliate program?

At first, any company or website fit for our affiliate program on the condition that there is no pornographic, racist, or political unsuitable content in the applicant´s website. We also accept Apps or offline companies.

When could I start offering AlldayInternet services?

Once you have registered your business on the program, you will receive an e-mail giving you access to our control panel, where you will be able to configure your search engine, banners, links and discount coupons, this step is required in order to start offering your clients/readers “Internet service in 35 countries for travellers”. You just need few minutes to have all done and online. Sign up now!

In which countries do we offer our Internet for travellers? Can they vary?

Our service is currently available in 4 continents and 35 countries and, yes, they can vary. Throughout the year we will be adding new countries and in some cases we may downtime or quit some country. Nevertheless, you shall not worry about anything since our system is automatically refreshed.

Who provides technical service?

We ourselves manage all process, logistics (shipment and return) and its functioning during travellers’ trip. You just need to worry about providing your client special offers on your website, mailing lists, and social networks.

How much commission do I obtain? And when would I get paid?

Our affiliate program will remunerate you with a commission of 10% on each rental, VAT excluded. For those affiliates who make more than 100 bookings within 3 consecutive months, commission could reach 15% on rental, without VAT. Commissions are only earned if customers make the payment and the service is used. If customers cancel their bookings or do not pick device up at the site indicated on the moment of booking, both booking and commission are cancelled. Commission will be paid on the first 15 days of next month from the end of booking as long as commissions total amount earned is at 50€ or more. Otherwise, commission will not be erased; it will instead be accumulated for the next month.

How do I integrate AlldayInternet engine to my website? Control Panel.

Once you have registered yourself and have logged in Control Panel, you will be able to include into your web the following tools:

Mini Search Engine: Small search engine for your website. Available in various sizes, allows visitor to start reservation process from your web.

Complete Reservation System: booking process will be totally complete through your web; therefore you must include our service in your menu and do whatever is in your power to promote it.

Banners: We will provide you banners in various sizes.

Discount Coupons: You can create as many discount coupons as you like in order to promote your web and the service on your social networks, YouTube channel, and or other offline tools. Coupon redeem will be made at our web and commission will be assigned to your affiliate account.

To integrate our service in your web, you just need to copy and paste a HTML code that we will provide to you. At our Control Panel you can consult your commissions as well as statistics on click-throughs, CTR, conversions, etc.

How long does Cookies last?

Once a visitor has entered at your website, by any of the previous methods mentioned on the section above, a cookie is created, this lasts for 15 days. If visitor rents our service from our web within those 15 days, commission shall be allocate to you, since cookie is activated under your web. A cookie is renewed for another 15 days each time visitor access your web or a discount coupon is used.

If a surfer has visited different sites from our affiliates or uses different discount coupons, commission will be allocated to the last cookie issued, therefore to the last affiliate site surfer has acceded and/or to the last coupon used.

Never will be the case of allocating two commissions to two affiliates for the same booking.

How could I promote the service?

By including our search engines or banners in your web and making it visible to your visitors. We also recommend you to carry out email marketing campaigns and promote the service on social media, use discount coupons as promotion; you will create discounts coupons yourself in our controlpanel.

If your website also provides bookings for hotels or car rental you could include the link to book internet service and one of your discount coupons to the reservation confirmation e-mail that client receives at the moment of booking their hotel or car.

Besides, if you use flyers (offline advertising), or advertises in newspapers, magazines or television, you can include the discount code, directing readers to your web or site.

How do I promote service on social media?

You must create a discount coupon and offer it to your clients indicating the link to book use it. Coupon would provide your followers a discount of 5%, besides coupon will provide you follow up of your booking and improve commission allocations.

In addition, you can superimpose coupon and web link by uploading videos on your YouTube cannel, consequently increasing your profits.

How many coupons can I create?

You can create as many coupons as you wish, through the operating panel. All discounts shall be 5% OFF. By creating different coupons you will be able to check which offer is more successful than other. For example, you can create a coupon for Facebook and other to Twitter.

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