logo ararat 1Next Saturday AlldayInternet will embark on a new adventure taking us to Asia Minor, in the far east, straight to the heart of the Caucasus. The journey begins on Saturday 12th with the La Riders BMW Road Days event in Formigal. One of our hotspots will be on Miquel Silvestre’s motorbike, accompanying him once again in the third season of Diary of a Nomad: Operation Ararat. Although the program won’t be broadcast until the beginning of next year, we are all set to go with our Spanish Indiana Jones.


Miquel Silvestre traded his office desk and computer for two wheels so he could explore other continents, take in their breathtaking landscapes, experience new cultures and above all gain a new perspective on life compared to what we learn from the History books.

What began as one man dream has quickly become the dream of many of us since Diary of a Nomad debuted in January 2015. The first series saw Miguel and his team crossing South America in its entirety. Then,  our involvement started in season two, The Last War Dance, as Wifi Internet providers for traveling  in the USA and Mexico

From that point onwards we have been closely involved in a project that brings together travelling, motorcycling, culture and the great feats of Spanish discovery from throughout our history.

Season 3 marks the second time one of our Wifi routers has travelled with Miguel. We at AlldayInternet are proud to play our part in this dynamic project that breaks from the conventional and resonates deeply with the audience.

Being able to count on a Mifi (portable router), so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand, which allows you to connect to the Internet free of roaming charges, is a massive advantage in easing the work of our nomads. As well as this, one of the best reasons for using our mobile Wifi is the ability to share their discoveries with the world in real time.

AlldayInternet and Diary of a Nomad is a curious marriage of two opposing fields, technology and history.

Operation Ararat

In this new season we are visiting the birthplace of early European settlers, where nowadays a mosaic of tribes, clans and cultures coexist whose main focus is on survival, friends and enemies.

According to the famous reporter Kapucinski, the world of these people of Caucasus is impenetrable and is defined by hate and ancestral bonds. Making contact with this other western world is impossible, he claims.

In spite of this Diary of a Nomad and AlldayInternet will succeed in getting there. The goal is to cross Europe, The Balkans, Greece and Asia Minor. It is a total of 10,000km encompassing such curious pieces of history as the Catharism heresy and this famous Abate Arnoldo quote: “Kill them all, God will know his own!” We will provide coverage of Miguel Silvestre’s adventures in Italy, followed by Macedonia until he arrives in Ararat, on the far side of Turkey.

The final countdown is underway. We just have to wait until the beginning of the year to watch it unfold on television. In the meantime we can imagine what our own adventure would be like – we already know how we would share it with the world, with



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