Free public wifis can be VERY EXPENSIVE if you do not maintain a minimum of security when using them.

Hackers are always waiting between the user and the connection point. As someone may be listening to a private conversation in a restaurant, hackers listen to the radio waves, which is the technology used in WIFI, through specific software for this purpose.

Public Wifi Risk

Their goal is to capture this information to seize emails, usernames and passwords, card numbers. Also, although to a lesser extent, they have as target to infect us with viruses.

We want to provide a series of recommendations to make use of free wifis networks avoiding hazards:

  • Use virtual private networks also known as VPN (virtual private network).
  • Although it may seem paranoid, take a few seconds to observe the environment and observe strange behavior.
  • Use known sites or at least SSL connections. Set our terminal with the use of “https”.
  • Disable sharing our terminal in the settings section.
  • Rent a Portable Wifi Hotspot, although not free, they are safe and allow us to stay connected 24 hours. They also are good to prevent roaming abroad, like the one we offer in AlldayInternet. Make your reservation




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