Shops at Airport or Tourist Areas around the world

What do we offer?

  • We offer Internet for travellers across the most relevant tourist countries worldwide. You can provide this service at your local shop to people visiting the country as well as to locals travelling to other countries.
  • We offer global branding and marketing for your shop.
  • Global technical service for your customers 24/7.


Highly Profitable

Thousands and thousands of foreign travellers are in need of staying connected to the internet every day and they will pass in front of your shop at the airport, train station or tourist area. Interesting commissions per each portable router rental are available.

Collaborate with Companies

Apart from selling at shops, you will be free to enter into agreements in your country with companies and employees that are constantly travelling or tourist companies which receive great amounts of visitors: Hotels, Incomings, Tour Operators, Car Rental, etc.

International Coverage

By making use of an international coverage, you can offer our service at your shop or other companies, both to visitors arriving to your country as well as to locals who are travelling to one of the countries where our coverage is available.

Number of Travellers without Internet Connection annually

Contact us

What country would you choose for your franchise? Have you already got a shop at the airport or tourist area to implement our product?

Contact us and one of our franchise experts will inform you on all relevant details regarding our franchise.


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