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Get Away from Roaming Charges as You Travel Abroad with International Wifi

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You do not want to depend on unsecure public or Hotels Wi-Fis, do you?
Rent a portable WiFi Hotspot

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STEP 1. Book it Online

Make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure your 24h internet connection to Travel without Roaming charges. We offer free shipping on reservations made within 15 days in advance.

STEP 2. Pick Up.

Depending on the destination, we send you the portable wifi router to your address before travelling or at the hotel you have chosen to stay.

STEP 3. Enjoy Internet!

All you have to do is turn on the router device and look for its Wi-Fi. Connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. Easy, fast and efficient.

STEP 4. Return.

Depending on your place of residence and type of trip, you return the router by regular mail service or a courier from UPS will be sent to your address to pick the router up.



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Share internet with your travelling companions. This small portable device connects up to 8 devices simultaneously with a range of about 15 meters. Connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. And best of all, you will be connected to internet 24h without roaming charges.
Coverage is available in 35 countries.

I Want Internet to Travel Abroad

AlldayInternet Wifi coverage in 35 countries

Always connected to Internet

The use of portable international wifi service makes it all easy and convenient for you to travel without worrying about roaming fees, plus the service usually allows you to use it as many times you need anytime, anywhere. More so, it comes with exciting features and benefits such as;

  • Affordable flat rate for your data
  • Secure mobile internet access in over 35 countries across the world
  • Does not come with long term contracts
  • Portable international wifi on the go
  • Internet access can be shared
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I want Internet without Roaming charges

International wifi hotspot.

Are you planning on a trip abroad? If you are, possibly one of your concerns is how you can stay connected abroad in a secure and affordable way. Travelers always make use of a variety of mobile devices and the Internet being that it has already been a major part of our daily lives. Nowadays, it is normal situation for you not to travel without making sure that you can stay connected during your trip.

But the problem is that it gets too expensive to stay connected while you are in foreign countries. Roaming charges are also quite expensive plus it usually that you cannot call, send and sms and mms or use the internet as you travel when in roaming. For that reason, most people do not trust roaming although it all comes down with logical reasons.

The fact is that when you travel abroad, your telephone operator is forced to be transparent in their operations and cases are your device hooks up to unknown networks without you knowing. Normally, the solution would be to buy a data card in the country to which you are traveling but this usually comes with some inconveniences as well. It could be that the data card you bought does not work for your device.

So how can you get away from the expensive roaming charges and enjoy traveling abroad with safe internet access? Simple! You can just rent an international wifi which is what most travelers use these days. Renting of international wifi hotspot is the most logical solution you can do in order to travel abroad with comfortable internet connection.

Internet access provided by such services are usually reasonable flat rate making it the best deal you could ever have. There are MiFi services as well which you can leverage in order to make your phone calls cheaper or free when you use your smartphone. This way, you can avoid paying the exorbitant rates of your carrier when you use your phone internationally.

This time around, roaming will never be able to ruin your holiday vacations. You can call and send sms and you can connect with your friends online easily and conveniently. You can stay away from abusing roaming techniques as you travel, save a bit of your expenses and share to the world how lovely your vacation has been. Renting international wifi services such as in AlldayInternet really is the best solution for your international internet needs.


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