If you are about to visit Mexico you have surely included in your tour Cancun and other tourist attractions located in the Mexican Caribbean such as Playa del Carmen or the wonderful Mayan ruins of Tulum or Chichen Itza. Acapulco,  Los Cabos or Puerto Villarta are also excellent options for your holidays in Mexico, and don’t forget to discover the country’s culture and traditions by visiting the beautiful colonial cities like Oaxaca, Veracruz or Guadalajara, as well as the immense capital Mexico D.F. Did you know that thanks to AlldayInternet you can share the best pictures of your trip to Mexico in social networks, stay in contact with your family and friends via WhatsApp or skype, and use all resources available online such as Google Maps or the best tourist apps without overcharges on your next phone bill?.


In 2015, Mexico has been included in the Top 10 tourist countries due to its wonderful beaches in the Caribbean coastline; health resort cities such as Cancum or Acapulco, its Mayan history that delights travellers interested in archaeological sites like Tulum or Chichen Itza ruins, and the cultural and traditional environment of charming cities like Oaxaca or Veracruz captivate each year over 29 million travellers. Are you one of them?


If you are planning on visiting Mexico to enjoy a relaxing holidays, to discover the country and its main tourists places or to go on a business trip, make sure you have an internet connection that guarantees online actions without having to spend a lot of money. Forget about the dreadful “bill shock” for using mobile devices outside your home country and connect to MexicoWifi without roaming.


Travel to mexico connected to internet


AlldayInternet is an innovative internet service for travellers in Mexico which does not imply any surprising phone bills that perhaps you have already experienced on previous trips. How do you stay connected to the internet when you travel outside your home country? Rent a Pocket Wifi in Mexico and surf the net in a secure and comfortable way with all your devices (laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, eBook, video console) or share the internet signal of your rental Mifi Mexico with up to 8 travel partners. Rent Wifi in Mexico and enjoy the trip.

Would you like to have Wifi 24/7 without roaming charges on the go? Book an internet connection Wifi in Mexico in our website and you will receive your Wifi Package two or three days before your departure. Upon arriving to your destination, you only have to turn on the Mifi AlldayInternet device, find the Wifi signal on your computer or smartphone, and start enjoying internet in Mexico while sun bathing, excursions, at the hotel, while discovering the country with a rental car, anywhere you wish and at any time. Don’t forget to disable 3G/4G data on your devices in order to avoid the unpleasant roaming charges.



You can find many cases of travellers refusing the use of technology on their trips abroad! Some examples such as Matt Buie’s experience has been shocking with an outrageous roaming bill of 22.000$ in Mexico, and so many travellers stop using internet outside their home country. In the case of Matt, his son didn’t know about the price when watching videos on the go.

The frightening bill shock affects 1 out of every 6 travellers and you surely don’t want to be another victim. Choose a Mifi in Mexico and surf the net comfortably, stay connected to the family and friends with WhatsApp or use VoIP services such as Skype or Viber, share your experiences, pictures and videos in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use the best apps regarding maps or GPS navigation such as Google Maps in order to get around…. Could you travel without your mobile phone, tablet or laptop? Don’t forget all your devices along with the Pocket Wifi of AlldayInternet and you will not be dependent on unsecure public wifi networks or hotel wifi networks that are often saturated.

If you wish to know more about how to stay connected to the internet in Mexico with a personal Wifi, you can search information in the main social networks and you will find many experiences in this country. Use the hashtag #NoRoamingCharges where you can read, for example, the experience of a group of bloggers in Mexico because they travelled across the country with two pocket Wifi. They shared the signal during the entire trip and so they were able to share their experiences with us at any time. Mexico pocket Wifi will provide you endless advantages and you will enjoy internet without roaming charges in Mexico!




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