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Internet is nowadays the most demanded service by travellers.


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“The idea of staying connected is now intrinsic to our feeling of well-being”

Trent Hughes

Sociologist, USA

“At least 50 colleagues travel every week for business reasons. We need to stay connected to the Internet without Roaming and thanks to AlldayInternet we have found the perfect solution”.

Christa R. Connor

Staffing Consultant, UK

“During our trip to Europe we discovered the possibility to stay connected to the Internet and guided us using Google Maps.”

Austin Friend

Janitor, Australia

“In the past CNS Congress I saw a colleague using a portable router. From that moment I always use it when I travel and I stay connected without being dependent on the wifi provided at the congress or hotel.”

Fayyad 'Ikrimah

Surgeon, Algeria

Internet 24/7 for your customers worldwide

Include Internet without roaming as a new service provided on your website and in your travel packages. We take care of logistics and we offer generous commissions.

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