Perhaps after reading these situations (find more testimonies by only searching on Google “roaming bill shock” or “roaming bills abroad”) you might be convinced on the need of finding an alternative in order to disconnect the 3G/4G data rate on your next trip to Europe. The use of a SIM card during your trip is becoming obsolete due to its inconveniences: The traveler has to unlock the mobile device or sign contract with foreign telecommunication companies which don’t provide the necessary confidence if it is going to be used only for a few days. Therefore, the technology called “MiFi” (My Wifi) is increasingly becoming on the best Wifi rental services abroad.


We suggest you use Google Maps to know your location at all times. Make use of Google translate and you will not get lost in translation; download and use all opportunities offered by the best mobile apps for travelers; online tourist guides provided by the cities you wish to visit; read and compare opinions from other travelers and make reservations on the go through webs like Booking, eDreams, TripAdvisor, and geolocation apps like Foursquare (ideal to find the best restaurant in the area, the best shop to purchase the most beautiful and affordable souvenirs or to find the train, bus or metro station in order to get around for sightseeing….). AlldayInternet allows you to use your mobile devices with its pocket mifi Europe as you normally do in your home country, in a safe and secure way which guarantees a fast and effective information access anywhere you are.

What places are you planning on visiting during your trip across Europe? Some of the main tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris; the Vatican or the Roman Coliseum in Italy; the British Museum in London ; Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Alhambra in Granada in Spain, are surely part of your itinerary in Europe. Check in our website the countries that are covered by AlldayInternet and go ahead carefree. Would you like to use the money that would otherwise go directly to pay roaming charges to buy something special for you?

Share your trip pictures and experiences in the most relevant tourist attractions in Europe, without worrying about extra charges, and get connection 24/7 to communicate with your family and tell them all the updates regarding your trip experience via WhatsApp, Messenger, even using VoIP services like Skype or Viber.
If you are travelling soon to Europe due to business reasons or on holidays, AlldayInternet offers you an innovative pocket Wifi rental service with the aim of avoiding expensive roaming charges to stay connected outside your home country. In a few minutes and simple steps in the website you can easily book your wifi hotspot rental Europe for one or several countries depending on the planned itinerary. Make sure you have a good internet connection while you make other reservations for your trip: Flight tickets, accommodation, car rental, excursions and tours, etc.

The operation of this Mifi rental Europe is very simple. Several travel bloggers are currently using this service and are telling their pleasant #NoRoamingCharges experiences worldwide. Have a look at some of their posts that could help you understand how AlldayInternet works.

If you travel to any European country from another European country, a courier will deliver your Wifi package to your home just a few days before your departure. If you travel to any European country coming from a non-European country, you will receive your Mifi at the hotel or accommodation you have chosen. You only have to turn on the Wifi router, connect your devices (up to 8 devices in total, connection can be shared with your travel partners) and you will be ready to use internet across Europe without roaming charges. By now, you should already know that the EU plans on eliminating roaming is fading and roaming on the go is continuously delaying. Rent your own router, stay connected 24 hours and upon your return you only have to leave the Wifi via post or depending on your address we can send a courier to your home so you can return the device comfortably.

Do you still think that staying connected to the Internet in Europe may ruin your trip?





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