Has internet with the portable wifi hotspot france all day is possibility traveling to anyplace in France, and more than a possibility is a fact.

The technology has some wonderful advantages, we use it everyday and I don’t think that there is someone who say something against the adequate use of it, in fact, the 84% of mobile phone users say they cannot be one day without their phones, but we don’t need statistics to know we are in an age where the technology is an important part of our lives specially to keep in touch.

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Rent an access point portable Wifi hotspot France is ideal to everyone who travel to this country, specially if you are one of those ones that need an easy way to get on Internet all day. The portable wifi france is a wireless point of access to Internet that let you surf on Internet with any device enabled for Wi-Fi. In addition, like it is portable it can connect wherever you want and the time that you wish thanks its battery of long battery life. Also, it lets you use it with 8 devices at the same time. For example, one person can check his emails by a computer while other can be looking for a restaurant in Paris by the Ipad.


How does it work?

The portable Wifi hotspot France is like a tiny mobile phone that includes a data plan and it’s part of the rent, with this object you can access to Internet with differents data plans and it will allows you create your own personal access called mifi france, so you can share Internet with others devices you prefer enable for Wi-Fi, like an Ipad or IPhone, a PC or a Mac or any cellphone.

Log in in the portable Wifi hotspot France  in the same way that you do with a conventional Wi-Fi point access at home and you could create a password for your network and keep save all your connections to emails, calls by Skype, Facebook and the web surfing. As the France pocket wifi is so small and portable, you can turn it on and put it in your purse, backpack or pocket without catch any attention.

The rent of a portable wifi hotspot france is a great solution to keep in touch with your family or have easy access to important documents in every moment and every place. This item is ready to work giving you the access to the internet in France, it allows you to enjoy a speed  of 2.5 mpbs.

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Where does it work?

The perfect mobile Wifi rental France works perfectly too in 51 countries besides France, some of thems are:

Poland Greece Romania Belgium
Hungary Russia Bulgaria Italy
Slovakia Croatia Latvia Spain
Czech Republic Lithuania Sweden Denmark
Luxembourg Switzerland Estonia Moldavia
Turkey Finland Netherlands UK
France Norway USA Germany

Mobile hotspot rental france usually comes with the following characteristics:

    1) It can connect with 8 devices at the same time

    2) It brings international charger and adapters   

    3) Battery rechargeable

    4) The wifi covers 30 feet of distance

    5) Travel case

Broadband characteristic of pocket wifi rental france

The wifi hotspot rental france confers unlimited broadband and you can enjoy its benefits using your email ( sent or received), web browsing, online video with a maximum speed of 2.5 Mbps

The mobile hotspot france makes you feel save

Today, the travelers use a lot of devices to be online most of the time. It’s impossible go to a place without watch through their phones, tablet or computers, the point is that the people use Internet more than ever, even in places that you can’t imagine. Been connecting on Internet means you can keep in touch with many people not always in a good sense. There is an invisible threat to your security that you can find in your next vacations in France, it’s probably you find Free Wi-fi and obviously the comfortable idea of this connection is attractive for any tourist, from that point comes the importance of understand how dangerous is use a wireless access point.

Is necessary to consider when any Wi-fi is free is that this isn’t secure and any person can access to everything you send and receive. in the same way, if you are using Wi-fi in the hotel, airport, or any touristic place you can be exposed. If you are checking your bank account, reserving a hotel room, or book a plane ticket, your data is in an extremely vulnerable state. So what can you do to avoid intrusions of privacy? Get our portable wifi hotspot france that guarantees your privacy, and is the best option that you have if you want to use the Internet with absolute freedom during your visit to France. The network wifi france will let you keep your electronic transactions, emails, passwords and personal information secure.


Travel to France with portable wifi hotspot france and stay away from all these concerns and enjoy the pleasure of knowing that your information is safe.


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