The portable wifi hotspot usa offer to you many advantages, don’t care if it’s for reading your mail, to keep in touch with friends when you are traveling in New York or search restaurants for dinner, today most of the things you need for a trip you can get it online especially when you travel to an unknown or unfamiliar country.


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Not everything is good, although this lifestyle, in which we are always connected offers an access useful , comfortable and flexible, it also leaves us largely dependent on the Internet, which is a real tragedy when we travel to another country and can’t find a fast internet connection and especially that guarantees the security of our information.


Travel safe with the portable wifi New York

Probably you never hear about our access point Wifi New York USA which provides you internet from the moment you arrive in the city until your departure or perhaps you are one of those who think it is not important to have one because  there are many sites with Wi-Fi signal free, but attention, free is not exactly synonymous of safe but quite the opposite. Think for a moment the amount of information that we exposed when we make banking transactions, hotel reservations, purchase airline tickets, even upgrading our social networks.

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Forget wasting your precious time looking for a point of free WiFi access or pay a lot of money for roaming services offered by mobile operators.

The portable wifi hotspot USA is a compact device that will allow you internet access in a comfortable and safe way , and caring personal information available to third parts

If you are planning a long trip, you want to know the city of New York , stay several days of holiday or a business trip and you need internet connection; your best option is the pocket Wi-Fi USA with this  you can connect up to 8 devices through a simple wifi connection, no matter what you use, it supports iPhones , Androids , laptops , tablets.


Wifi hotspot rental New york provides an access point version 3G / 4G LTE ready to connect in the United States, specifically in New York, it offers an impressive speed connection when you surf on Internet. Rent this portable wifi hotspot USA will allow you surf the net from 8 different devices, anywhere in New York City.

This portable wireless device USA is ideal for those persons that travel to one international destiny because of their work constantly and unlimited data to be at time in their daily obligations.

The portable wifi hotspot USA is configured to connect to local lines in order to provide the best possible service connection and also has a limited data plan separately for travel through several countries using just a mobile hotspot device

Benefits of the portable wifi hotspot USA

  • It’s portable, you can activate your connection in shops, cafes, hotels and anywhere you want in a safe way, our mobile wifi rental USA now and always will be your best choice to travel to New York
  • It provides connection 3G / 4G to all mobile devices that support Wi-Fi.
  • You can access the internet from 8 different cellular devices, tablets, laptops, including without limit the speed of the connection
  • Avoid paying huge international data rates with the rent of your portable device wifi New York USA, you will be connect anytime from anywhere with a flat fare. Simple and accessible.
  • It gives you the security of know you will have Internet connection when you want it and when you need it, without be worry about cut off from family, friends or your office.



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