Can you imagine a bill over one thousand euros for using your phone in USA? iSuka tells the story of his friend in an internet forum. He forgot to disable data roaming when he travelled to the USA and connections were made automatically (email, notifications, app updating…); then he received a bill of 1.500€. Are you planning your next trip to the USA and you wish to stay connected to the internet as you do in your home country? Travel to the USA without roaming by renting a Portable Wifi hotspot USA.


AlldayInternet offers you a pocket Wifi rental service in the USA which allows you to stay connected to the internet 24/7 anywhere you are, avoiding uncomfortable connections at hotels, insecure public wifi networks and you will forget about the frightening bill shock due to roaming charges. In only a few minutes, you can rent a mobile hotspot in USA in order to have Wifi in up to 8 devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, eBooks, video consoles…) or share the Wifi signal with your travel partners. You will receive your Wifi package at home some days before you start your trip. When you arrive to your destination, you only have to disable the 3G/4G in all your devices and connect to the AlldayInternet signal which will be provided by your pocket Wifi USA and mobile hotspot USA. Upon that moment, you will be able to send WhatsApp, use VoIP services like Viber or Skype, download videos, use travel apps like TripAdvisor or Booking, use Google maps and geolocation apps like foursquare; and of course, share pictures, videos and trip experiences in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat…

Stay connected to Internet renting a portable router wifi called mifi Usa


How many cities are you willing to visit? In our website, you can find many plans and tips for your trip to the USA. Take a note about our recommendations and include the most visited tourist attractions and monuments: Times Square, the Fifth Avenue, the Statue of Liberty or Central Park in New York; the White House in Washington; the Boulevard Srip in Las Vegas or an excursion to the Great Canyon in Colorado; the legendary Route 66… you have so many things to discover and share!; in addition, we inform you about the documentation you need in order to travel to the USA. We recommend having travel insurance, and we tell you anything you need to know regarding electricity and plugs, tips and shop opening hours.

You can get all the information while preparing your trip… and you can keep informed at all times with online travel guides, plan your daily visits, use Google translate so you will not miss any word at the restaurants or information at hotels, book your transportation tickets, museum tickets or tourist tours with the mobile hotspot of AlldayInternet.

Did you know that many travellers avoid using commodities offered by internet abroad due to the outrageous roaming bills? If you don’t wish to experience this inconvenience and you are looking for a comfortable and useful alternative than SIM cards from an American operator, include your pocket Wifi USA in your suitcase and surf the net during the trip.

Every year, 69 million tourists worldwide choose the USA for their trips. 9 out of 10 make use of their smartphone at any time during their trip, 68% stay in contact with their relatives and friends via email or social networks, and 52% publish pictures and videos. Are you one of them? Don’t let roaming ruin your holidays in the USA!

Before you leave… don’t forget to add the hashtag #NoRoamingCharges when sharing your experiences. We are launching a competition and you can win one of our prizes if you publish the most original, funniest or spectacular travel pictures while connected to the internet.



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