Become more competitive and improve After-Sale service


  • Offer your clients in your travel packages the possibility to stay connected to the Internet 24/7 without roaming charges around the world. This way, your travel packages will be more competitive and attractive, and your sales will boost.


  • Get a new additional commission for every of your customer, which will be proportional to the sale price of each reservation.


  • With regard to the After-Sale service, image the possibilities you offer to your customers if they are connected to the internet on their trips. Offer your travellers different offers at the destination upon their arrival. Local excursions, rental cars,…..They will receive your offers because they are connected to the Internet 24/7!.

95% of our customers value very positively our service.

Trent Hughes, expert sociologist:

“The idea of staying connected is now intrinsic to our
feeling of well-being”

We take care of everything


We send the device at the client’s home address and we also take care of the return process. We provide connectivity and ensure a data plan with which the customer can have access to a high-quality Internet worldwide and without paying Roaming fees.

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