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Portable Internet Wifi at Congresses, Fairs and Events

Are you planning on attending an International Congress? Did you know that the first complaint done by congress attendants is the Wifi service? Connection is always slow with limited services like Skype or connection stops working constantly. Now you have found the solutions to all these problems thanks to our small portable router wifi:

  • Works 24/7 and not only at the Congress, but also outside it. You can carry it anywhere you wish. You will always be connected to the Internet without paying Roaming fees.
  • You can share connection with your travel partners as you can share the portable router wifi with up to 8 devices simultaneously.
  • Fast and high-quality connection.
  • Coverage in 34 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

You can book your device for upcoming fairs and we will send it to your home address or at the destination hotel.

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Do you find Internet connection highly expensive in your Stand? Is it frequently really slow?.

By renting one or several portable wifi devices you will have the possibility to make use of a high-quality connection in your stand to a much affordable price that the one previously offered by the organiser and without roaming charges!

In addition, you will stay connected to the internet abroad 24/7: At the hotel, street, etc. and you will be able to offer connection to your visitors for free.

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Do you find Wifi an expensive service? Doesn’t it work properly? Is it very slow? Do your visitors or exhibitors complaint about it? We suggest you a completely different alternative:

  • Provide affordable, fast and comfortable portable routers wifi to your visitors and exhibitors.
  • Possibility to surf the net inside and outside the congress, fair or event without roaming charges.
  • You will save on Wifi connection and you will get an additional commission per rental.

We take care of everything:

  • We send the devices to the hotel where visitors and exhibitors stay.
  • We organise the return of such devices.
  • Free technical service.


  • The organizer will offer information about this Portable Internet service through the web.
  • The organizer will provide to the attendants and exhibitors this service through organiser’s communication means like email or any other means.
  • Optionally, AlldayInternet will include a stand to facilitate the delivery and return of the devices as well as to provide a fast technical service.

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Do you organise Congresses, Events or Fairs?

The first complaint made by people attending Congresses and Events is the Wifi service. This service is normally really expensive for organizers. We solve all these problems. Get an optimal service for your visitors, save money and get an additional commission.

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Once again the person who is the star of client service is Julio. With him at the ready everything is in perfect working order. Makes life easy! Thanks for good services.

Kurop N.

It was really awesome. I don’t remember if I has any issues with it as far as signal is concerned. Travelled to Madrid, Barcelona,Valencia,Granada,Marbella, Cadiz and Seville. Signal strength was excellent. Skype and whatsapp helped me keep in touch with my team back in the home country. Only issue was the battery which for me was not a problem as I was carrying battery bank with me.

Khetarpal M.

Fabulous service. Delivered to hotel in Berlin and then easily posted from Frankfurt once contract finished. Would definitely use again.

Voyes C.


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