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AlldayInternet Hotels Program Partners

Provide AlldayInternet to your web customers.

All clients booking on the hotel website will receive a free portable router and will stay connected to the internet inside and outside the hotel 24/7. This way, you will also increase client fidelity.

Sell AlldayInternet to your OTAS customers

Sell our service to customers who DIDN’T book through the website. This way, you will generate sales commissions.

Free of Charge.

Hotels selected in our “Hotel Program Partners” will compensate sales with gifts, therefore at the end of the month you will have 0 costs and you will sale thousands of € in commissions.

Commitment. We work together.

We only accept in our “Hotel Program Partners” hotels that are committed to develop this program as brand strategy and so can achieve the goal of saving thousands of euros per month. Our marketing department will support and manage at all times any campaign launch. If you are committed, you will be successful.

  • Improve Web Sales 75%
  • Save in Commissions 60%
  • Increases fidelity 95%
  • Branding improve 90%
  • Client satisfaction 100%
  • Improve Competition 80%

Can I save up to 60% of OTA commissions?

Yes. Of course you can with AlldayInternet ‘Hotels Program Partners’

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