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Your travellers connected to the Internet 24/7 around the world.

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Travel Packages

Include Internet abroad without roaming as an additional service in your travel package.


Provide portable Wifi to your Vip customers as well as high value packages while improving competition.

Business Trips

Companies need to stay in contact with their employees. Offer our Internet service and save thousands of € in roaming.


World Championships, Formula 1, Political and Religious Meetings, etc…All connected to the Internet abroad.


Did you know that the first complaint by congress visitors is the lack of Wifi service? Now we can provide them a service without high quality roaming data.

Student Trips

Adolescents can’t live without Internet. They need to stay connected. Their parents will also stay permanently in contact with them at any time they are abroad.

Number of Travellers without Internet Connection annually

Great Incomes for Tour Operators.

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